4 X 4 X 48 Challenge

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The 4x4x48 Challenge involves running for four miles (6.4K) every four hours for 48 hours.
It tests runners both physically and mentally, and it’s a favourite of American ultrarunner David Goggins.
It can be done from anywhere in the world but takes place on a specific date.
It starts on March 5th 2021 at 8pm and runs for 48 hours.

I decided to start the challenge myself on Feb 11; 2021 – in Tokyo – Japan

Thursday 11 feb
* 4 pm – Run I

* 8 pm – Run II

Friday 12 feb
* 00:00 – Run III

* 4 am – Run IV

* 8 am – Run V

* Noon – Run VI

* 4 pm – Run VII

* 8 pm – Run VIII

Saturday 13 feb
* 00:00 – Run IX

* 4 am – Run X

* 8 am – Run XI

* Noon – Run XII

* 4 pm – Adding Recovery FatAss Run XIII to Brewery. Proper Hydration is a Must


m(_ _)m

Personal Experience and Thoughts 4X4X48

Distance: 4 Miles
6.4 km is for me a known distance
Mainly just about taking it easy from Start: Be it Walk, Trot or Run –
The distance was not physically challenging

Schedule: Every 4 hours .
This means depending on where you live doing at least 2 x 4 miles after Dark ( as The British Say )
– If You are following me on FB or some of my Strava
Running through the night is something I do quite regularly
Adding the fact that since I came back from France by early Nov 2020
I ran 6 days a week 10 km by 5 am for about a Month ++
Just Get up, Shut The Fuck Up, and Out!

Duration: 48 hours
About 2 Days In & Out Exercising; You need to Refuel
That WAS MY Challenge and consider to have personally abused** my Body for 48 h


– WHY? – Well;

A) I always start Every run, Any Distance on Empty Stomach
– if it’s a Morning run – No Breakfast; No Solid Food –
Just Black Coffee that will … empty my Stomach even more – Is that Graphic Enough?

B) I easily run half marathon distance ( 2 h ) without any Drink or Solid food
And don’t normally eat anything after the run ( see D )

C) When running longer than 2 h or longer distance then 1/2 marathon
I take only Real FOOD – No Gel or Energetic Bar –

However; I have done a 50 km NorthFace race in Blue Mountains Australia on … M&M Only

Bonked & puked ALL by Km 40 over a Wooden Bridge – Not Pretty – My Sincere Apologies to Wild Life!

D) I have for the last Couple of Years been eating ONLY ONCE a Day at 6 pm
So when you see some of my posts having Lunch and Beers after my morning runs
It means I will NOT have any food /dinner on the same day and will “technically” Fast the next 36 Hours

E) Not on Strict Keto Diet BUT …
I have drastically reduced Carbs ( Pasta – Pizza – Potatoes – Bread – Doughnuts )
and/or DON’T mix anymore above Carbs with … Animal Proteins ( Meat – Fish – Diary )

Exception Made: when Invited or Going out; if it’s Burger and Fries Night – Burger and Fries it will be

Or I can have Burger without Buns – Done That !







Another Weird e.g: What about 10 months eating Cheese without Bread while Lockdown in France – Pictured That!


During that 4 x 4 X 48 “Food Abuse”
I forced myself to Eat (and Shower*) after every single run
I ate 6 times a Day – Never had an Empty Stomach
I had Pizza 3 times + Doughnuts twice …
Note: My fastest lap without Pushing was Run XI after … Doughnuts!


Important Note :
* French Don’t Bath Nor Soap, That’s why WE invented Perfumes!
** On the evening after; drinking 2 bottles of Red Wine was part of My Recovery Plan.Practiced HardCore Hydration!

That it’s!
Thanks for reading

PS: For the record, I did my 4X4X48 on Crocs!