Miura Peninsula By Night

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Had this 80 km FatAss around Miura Peninsula in mind for a while.
I just needed to find the right time & a couple of “Kids” to hang around with.

From Right to Left; Roberto ( a.k.a Riding-Sherpa ); Myself ( Crocs On ) and David

we were not trained at all for the distance yet left Zushi on June 21, 2019 by 6 pm

Readying ourselves for Night – HeadLight out

Cruising through – Taking care of ourselves – Preventing Blisters and Chafing

One good thing about living in Japan is that Refueling at Konbinis is never an Issue

52 km In – 28 more to Go

Our last Konbini Stop, The “Mexican” restaurant across the Road was very tempting

Back to Zushi 12 h 43 mn later … 

In Pain and Fucked !

m(_ _)m


Despite being OVER 12 h;
I contacted RELIVE and begged them for a Relive play
Saying that it would be nice for us Old Guys to show it to our Grand-Kids
With Their Understanding & my Thank You
without the Swearing and The Farting …
Enjoy Our Crawling around Miura

m(_ _)m

Special – THANKS – to David and Roberto for That Memorable 3Some Night !