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– BIO –

We are a 50 +; French Japanese Married Couple
• Retired
• Long distance Runners
Certified Pet Sitters by Japan Pet-Sitter Association –

On Friday 13 th of July 2007
We gave up our lucrative careers and comfortable life style in Tokyo- Japan
to genuinely start Traveling, Pet Sitting & Running Without Borders

Born in Tokyo, Japan – March ’59
• Certified Japanese Pet Sitter by Japan Pet-Sitter Association
• Flight attendant for Singapore Airlines 5 yrs & Continental Airlines 10 yrs.
• Only Known Japanese Female to have run 7 Continents 7 Road Marathons all AIMS distance certified

Born in Marseille, France – December ’63
• Awarded Super Sitter by TrustedHouseSitters in 2017

• French Instructor at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for Japanese Diplomats
• Youth Camp Director
• Only Known French Male to have run 7 Continents 7 Road Marathons all AIMS distance certified
• has French, Japanese and Malaysian Car and Bike Driving Licenses ;
… & drove numerous Vehicles; – Accident FREE – on 6 Continents

~ We are Multilingual : Japanese, French & English ~

Our Certified Pet Sitting Qualification & Animals Training and Courses.

ensures skills and knowledge in :
– pet care, health, nutrition
– behavior for a variety of animals
– business development and management & pet safety
combined with our Full-time International Pet Sitting Experience since 2011 guaranty competence
& undeniably differentiate us from most House Sitters

We don’t Pet Sit Around the World to Travel for Free
We walked and ran on 7 continents for 5 years before becoming dedicated Certified Pet sitters

In exchange for the Love of your Pets and Home you are offering us
we thrive assisting you & your V.I.Pets

 – Cats

Security, Comfort, and Lot of Love “

– We understand those 3 most important basic needs:
along with few more tangible : Play, Grooming, and attention to Feeding.-

– ” Thierry had established a real relationship with Totoro ” –

– Aline – March 2016 –
Kyoto –


Exercise, Discipline, and Affection

– balancing all 3 with right amount of Play ; Proper Diet; & … CARE

– “We are especially grateful for the care and attention you gave Mack,our special needs pup.
Mack was nearing the end of his life and could no longer walk when the two of you stepped in.
Your loving attention and care you gave our boy went well above what anyone could have expected, and I believe extended his life.” –

– Mike and Carole – May 3 ~ 17, ’17
Tokyo –

– Properties –

” As Family House Owner ourselves in Central Tokyo”

– We clearly understand Value –

& bring First Class Expertise and Care .

– “During my 6 weeks trip to Europe, they looked after my house amazingly, which was on the market
and took very good care of the new furniture I had hired for the house sale.
They were also in constant touch with the real estate organizing open houses and allowing prospective buyers visits at any time.
During my absence, they not only had to maintain and keep the pool and garden in perfect condition,
but keep in touch with the pool maintenance company and the lawn mowing crew team.
I had previously booked a handyman and cleaning lady to do some work at the house,
so Thierry and Miyuki had the responsibility to pay them as well.” –

– Marion – April 2015 –
Terrigal – Australia