Spring Equinox

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Spring Equinox March 20th; 2021

Nice idea to go out running with some dumb buddies around the Yamanaka-ko at the foot of Mt Fuji – Japan
from Sunrise – 5:45 am – to Sunset – 5:45 pm –

Stopped briefly halfway through after 6 h of running at Local Conbini for an Ice Cream and a bottle of Coke

Ran 91.7 km in 12 h
yet had to run some extra km to reach the car park where we left the vehicle we used as Aid Station
Completed 7 laps in total; Covering 95.42km in 12h34’47. All done in Crocs

NB : We will only see in all and for all His Majesty Mt FUJI 5 minutes at the end of the day …

We rewarded ourselves on Sunday Evening with a perfect recovery meal – a Raclette with a bottle of Chardonnay !