12 lifesaving tricks to teach your dog

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Does your pooch come when you call ?

Having an obedient pooch isn’t about tricks;
it’s about knowing how he’ll respond in an emergency situation or when he’s near a busy street.
We all love to teach our dogs tricks.
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Some are frivolous like “play dead” and some are important, like going potty only when outdoors.
But there are other tricks to teach our furry friends that could save their lives.
Whether it’s to keep Fido from being hit by a car or getting into a fight,
these 12 tricks are intended as building blocks, steps toward an obedient and therefore safe dog.
Not every trick will be necessary for your particular pooch and you might have your own customized tricks created to keep your dog safe — after all our dogs are individuals and our relationships with them are multi-layered.
But these top 12 tricks are a great place to start picking and choosing
what is needed to create a safety net of good behavior for you and your dog.


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