14 Modern Fitness Myths Busted

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14 Modern Fitness Myths Busted
Fact-checking trusted training maxims

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  • 14. “To Perform Well I Need to Track My Metrics.”
  • 13. “Juicing Is the Best Way to Get a Shot of Nutrients in Your System.”
  • 12. “Massage Boosts Recovery After a Tough Workout.”
  • 11. “Fats Make You Fat.”
  • 10. “Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances Cause Muscle Cramps.”
  • 09. “Extended Endurance Exercise Is Bad for Your Heart.”
  • 08. “I Need to Ingest Specially Formulated Foods After a Workout for My Muscles to Recover.”
  • 07. “I Should Take an Ice Bath After Long, Hard Runs.”
  • 06. “Mental Training Is Only for High-Performance Athletes.”
  • 05. “If I’m Running Long Distances, Fat Shoes Will Keep Me Injury-Free.”
  • 04. “I Need to Follow the _________ Diet.”
  • 03. “All My Workouts Should Be High Intensity.”
  • 02. “I’m an Endurance Athlete. I Don’t Need to Lift.”
  • 01. “Altitude Training Improves Performance at Sea Level.”


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