– 2 Years have passed since …

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– 2 Years have passed –

In 2014 right after my last Tokyo Marathon
the 5th one in the 8 years Tokyo Marathon history
a week after my Kyoto Marathon
Ending by the same occasion my personal KYOtoKYO Challenge.

I decided to hit the “ Reset “ Button .

Refusing to be part of the Mass which would run Overrated – Super expensive Marathon at any given Price .
It was just about time to do something else or to do it differently !

and we have failed only Once since
running an Official Marathon in Okinawa – Japan .

Only one Single Organized Road Marathon in 2 years
who would have believed it
After all, I ran some 35 or so Road Marathons within 7 years.
we ran Road Marathon events that no other French Runner nor Japanese Lady ever put their Feet on nor participated in.

Thus during that Official Marathon in Okinawa at the 21km mark Miyuki and I felt the same Way :
“ What are we doing here ? “

Was about time to Change !

Let be reassured you, we haven’t stopped Running .
we take part to runs we can sign in a week or so in advance ..
Local Runs you don’t even have to sign up to .

Do I miss all those placid overcrowded Events ?
Well … No . Not a single Minute !

I was in Kyoto a week ago during Kyoto Marathon 2016 .
Years back i would have tried anything to get a bib number
reach friends , be on High alert online …
This year Nope .No interest !

I went to the expo on Saturday
Expos that I used to enjoy for so many years … but i felt Nothing ..!
No excitement , No joy , No Desire taking part

I woke up the next morning , and went to watch the race …
Same … !

It felt that it was a plain washed, sanitized, and pasteurized Event !


That’s a very useful piece of Info … Right ?

I have much more joy and excitements nowadays waking up on any given day
jump in my Crocs and stroll-running the quiet Streets of Kyoto all by myself alone at 6 am nobody around
Stopping any time, enjoying Temples and Shrines
or I would answer a Friend’s call on a short notice put on my Vibram & Hit the trail for 2 or 3 hours.

Tokyo Marathon 2016 will be run the day after tomorrow
I have been offered a last minute Bib … I declined it!

2016 is Tokyo Marathon 10th anniversary … a Special event
I know that some runners came from far to run it ..
I could not careless about it –

May be one day we will run it again … who knows … Never say never … !

But as for now we are regularly being contacted by Pet owners to Run their Dogs !

Different Trails, Different Dogs , Different Countries …

Aiming for my second 7 Continents : – Dogs Running Without Borders – !

That Trust me will be a very complete different reward !