Arakawa Marathon March ’07

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Run Marathon
Name Arakawa Marathon
City Tokyo
Country Japan
Registration RunNet
Transportation Train six stops from Shinjuku on the Saikyo line
Lodging Home
Comments Arakawa is a special ward located in the northeastern part of Tokyo , Japan.
The ward takes its name from the river, the Arakawa.
In English, the ward calls itself Arakawa CityThe best way to access it as with most places in Japan is by using the very efficient Japanese railway system.
No need to worry ..You can look at the time schedule the night before ..
and then show up at the Platform 30s before the train arrives
It will be there on time and take you right on timeIn our case we took the  keio line, transfered to the JR – Saikyo line at Shinjuku Station
and less than 30mn later reached Ukima Funato station ..
But with an urgent need to find a Bathroom ..I signed up for Arakawa Marathon well before knowing my Tokyo Marathon results
without considering my physical shape or mental mood ..
I had to decide early …1st come first serve ..up to the given limit of runners then … Bye Bye..Entry was closed.
And here in japan these events are very popular.So I registered online through the Japanese Site RunNet   Easy when you have a Japanese Wifebut I do regret that rush …
Oh No …It’s not what you think ..
the exact same day the Shonan Marathon in Kamakura was held by the sea shore
I had just chosen the wrong race ..Arakawa is not at all scenic …that’s it .So I arrived at the station well in advance,
The wind is  blowing like hell and I am in an urgent need of the Bathroom …
My bowels are at work…. Nature callsEvery thing is well prepared, neatly organized …
Except for that Wind … that would disturb the party a bit.
There were a lot of People there …
In fact all those who had wanted to run Tokyo Marathon but couldn’t get a place I guess
As for me , I had no tiredness, no stress, no physical damage
I had allowed  myself a full week of rest
and run just a bit after that …
but never more than an hour ..
I was rested and expected that all the Kms I had ran previously for Tokyo Marathon would do the work.
Note : No Worth it … 2 out of 5 Toes