ASICS GEL Feather Glide

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From a big ASICS Fan :
i began running in Asics KAYANO
I went through some versions then moved to DS trainer series as they felt lighter !
Then I liked the feeling of DS FUN LINE, but It was a big disaster when the company made a change for #2 and #3 version.
So I started looking for alternative shoes.

When I found the GEL Feather Glide, my first impression was soft and light.
It has a softer cushioning version of the FUN LINE.
and thanks to the sole’s angle, mid foot runner can benefit of going forward without much effort.

Women size doesn’t fit me well so I try men’s.
It fits very comfortably and made my heart jump.
That was my first impression, my heart jumped, I said “this is THE one.”
I was looking for a shoes to go with a long distance.
I needed some cushioning , some comfort and this fitted well.

Started to train with it and I loved it from the first day.
I am a slow runner and don’t need much speed.
they keep me going which is the most important.
pounding after pounding on the paved road, my legs are still strong in those shoes.

For a mid foot runner, for someone not really looking for competing time,

this is a very comfortable shoes.

Fit for a runner 5 mins a KM to 8mins a KM.
They took my through 86 km ( 50 miler ) without  pain .
Suffice to say !