Avenue Of The Giants ’13

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Run Marathon
Name Avenue Of The Giants
City Humboldt Redwoods State Park
State California
Country U.S.A
Registration Online
Transportation Mind your Own
Lodging Humboldt Gables Motel
• Online Registration :
A painless registration done fast and efficiently with in return an Email in your mailbox as payment confirmation
• Lodging :
We booked early January and pretty much every close to starting line were already taken. WE stayed 20 mn drive away and had no problem. we found out that some even slept in their RV close by the event.
• Expo :
The bibs can be picked either Saturday after 12 pm or on race day Sunday morning from 7 am.
Again being an outdoor event right into the Redwoods State Park, the Expo goes smoothly as long as sun is out !
Few tents and stands, from Bibs to T-shirts and Mexican food or Expresso lovers trucks which could not be complete without the well known Banana Slugs muffins.
• Race day :
This beautiful event right into the Humboldt Redwoods , home of the tallest trees in the world attracts lot of runners. Wise to get organize and arrive at least an Hour in advance. Park being closed to traffic you still need to face a long line of runner’s cars being directed to the parking on the bank of the river!
• Route :
 That is a V shape race of 4 legs of 6.5 miles each going out and back. You might be concerned about the monotony of such a route but you won’t at any moment be bored.
Running on asphalt deep into a peaceful wood surrounded by mother nature silent as ever
~ if not running next to very talkative ladies ~
is very relaxing and amazingly beautiful.
You will find yourself running away escaping from reality eyes wide opened looking up to the skies. Along the course Aid Stations with an army of smiling volunteers announcing loud and clear what they are handling you: Water or Lime Gatorade.
Pieces of fruits such as Banana or Orange will be provided as well as GU gels.
On a negative note, lack of portable toilets might be a concern for some.
• Finish line :
Fans will be cheering you up , you name will be announced. One of the biggest, heaviest medal will be hanged around your neck and solid food provided. Green Grass waiting for you to stretch your legs and if a cold swim fancy you the river is right down behind!

Note : 5 out of 5 .