Boston Marathon ’10

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Run Marathon
Name Boston
City Boston
State Massachusetts
Country USA
Registration – –
Transportation Shuttle takes you to Starting line
Lodging we rented a flat for a week
Comments “ Do you want to run Boston ? ”

Feb 2009 a couple of days before my 2nd Tokyo Marathon
when those 6 words popped into my Mail box. : “ Do you want to run Boston ? ”

The idea of taking part in what is known as one of the most beautiful marathon worldwide was more than overwhelming …
I talked with him about it for a year.
We planned and organized !
The D day came , I met him at station i drove him to our flat we had rented for a week
he opened his suitcase : he had a second Bib for Miyuki too .

4 am … Sun was barely up …
We hugged, he flew back home …

That day we ran with a little help from a Friend

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