Buenos Aires ’12

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Run Marathon
Name Buenos Aires Marathon
City Buenos Aires
Country Argentina
Registration Online
Transportation Taxi to starting line
Lodging Rented a Flat
Comments • Online Registration :
Having to switch from Spanish to English page
The registration was a bit tricky !
This is how I have done it and it worked 100 %
When registering as runner from Rest of the World you will be redirected to : http://satic-ar.com/5.8.2/mba/clientes/inicio/es.php
if you are a Non-Spanish reader then just change the : /es.php -> /en.php
• Lodging :
We rented a place right in Palermo Area
• Expo :
Held at Center Municipal de Exposiciones, it’s very well organized, clear and efficient.
ID/Passport Check – Prove of Payment and Medical certificate are mandatory
• Race day :
Sadly no transportation provided
Finding a taxi at 6 am was pretty easy and safe. Cost 40 Pesos
• Route :
Buenos Aires Course goes through long lasting parts without great scenic interests, harbor side, narrow streets, construction site. More rooms could have been given to big Avenues particularly when all traffic have been contained at all points.
• Finish line :
The finishing line being the starting line in one of B-A green park is a plus, no need of waiting to recover your belongings waiting for you where you have left them in Drop Bag cabins under constant surveillance.
Medal, Drinks, Cereals bar distributed.
• Bottom Line
Definitely more entertaining than it’s other big counterpart event Rio de Janeiro with more public cheering along the road but all that said may be not a must run priority unless you are in the region !
Note : 3 out of 5 toes.