Christmas Tree Farm Sitting

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Eager to expand our dedicated Pet sitting experience and willing to get broader skills and knowledge
Miyuki and I after carefully reading the needs of the farm’s owners contacted them on Feb 18 2016.


Christmas Tree Farm Sit Description , Responsibilities & Pets :

– We are a lesbian couple in our 60s living on a lifestyle block with cats dogs and farm animals.
We like to go away 3 or 4 times a year for about 10 days at a time.
The three bedroom two bathroom house is on a 4 hectare lifestyle block growing Christmas trees and paddocks for the donkeys and goats. The house is a refurbished Lockwood with two fireplaces and plenty of firewood.
We have views of the Kaimai range and out to Tauranga and Mayor Island.
We are a 25 min drive from Tauranga city. We have wifi.
Look after the three dogs and seven cats in the household.
Feed the chooks(hens) and keep an eye on the donkeys and goats.

Within 2 days, we received the following reply :
” Thank you for your offer to look after our place
We would love to have you here in September. We haven’t planned any definite dates yet but can be flexible.
Maybe from about 9 September for a couple of weeks. Let us know what dates suit you.
Look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards
L and M ”


Officially on board & Entering New Zealand

By March 21 , after further messages and couple of Skype Video Chats we booked plane and bus tickets .
on Sept 6; 2016 :
After hours in the Korean Air plane, we landed in Auckland – NZ .
We walked through NZ Immigration easily as we do have since 2007
our own personal and unusual reply to : “What’s the supposed of your visit ?” that puts Officer Off Guard.
Allowing more questions as per own interest and curiosity on topic he/she never probably had chance to chat about before while stamping our passport with a “Good Luck” and a large smile.


Meeting with L & M and Family :

First contact at the Bus stop at Tauranga was immediately friendly, we exchanged Hugs
Jumped in the car – Left to the Farm , pinpointing on MapsMe the location of their vet which was the most important thing for us to know , we were then once arrived introduced to the animals and the different tasks :

  • Donkey’s Food prep
  • Goat’s Food Prep
  • Hens’ Food Prep
  • Cat’s Food Prep
  • Dog’s Food Prep and Medication


What L & M think about the way we approached the sit and interacted with the ” Gang “

” September 8 ~ 23; 2016 Tauranga – New Zealand

Thierry and Miyuki looked after our animals on our lifestyle block near Tauranga for two weeks in September 8 – 23.
We have three dogs and 7 cats as well as donkeys, goats and hens.
The hens, donkeys and the goats needed regular feeding as well as the cats and dogs.
All the animals loved them and particularly Cilla Black our youngest dog was a number one fan.
They were meticulous about the care and feeding of all the animals.
They are thoroughly professional in their approach to house sitting and animal care.
We would highly recommend them as we think they were marvellous. ”