Costa Pacifico Marathon ’12

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Run Marathon
Name Costa Pacifico Marathon
City Reñaca
Country Chile
Registration Online
Transportation Taxi to Renaca + Shuttle to starting line
Lodging Rented a Flat
Comments • Online Registration :
Official Website has no English page but registration was done thru ..
• Lodging :
We rented a place right in Vina del Mar
but be aware that even if advertised and sold as
Costa Pacifico Marathon Vina del Mar
That event does NOT start nor finish anywhere near but 7 km away from Vina del Mar
So mind carefully your hotel !
• Expo :
Located at a very inconvenient place;
20 mn walk from Renaca Main street,
5 min Taxi ride or try your with Micro-Buses.
Since No instructions are given to Non Spanish participants on how to reach the Expo.
” The 404 or 607 will do the trick ”
No transportation nor explanation will be provided either on How to reach Renaca at 5am
If you don’t speak Spanish, you will be left alone on your Own
Staff at Expo was very Unfriendly & Rude when we were requesting a bit of Help on how we could avoid paying the US$ 28 Taxi Company was asking for 7 km “Gringo” ride.
Wife and I were verbally abused by an Argentinian guy stating that we were in
South America: “Better speak Spanish or Else”!
We picked up our Bibs , Collected our DryFit Shirts, grabbed some food at Pasta Party and … we Left !
That is my 26th Marathon around the World but
never felt so UN-WELCOMED.
• Race day :
We managed to share a Taxi with 2 American girls who were staying near our place
we payed 8000 CLP ( 2000 CLP per head )
and found out at 5 am, that Micro-Buses are running, so we could have rode them to Renaca.
If only someone had told us before!
Micro Bus costs around CLP 350 pax .
Paid Shuttles will be waiting for you between 5:30 and 5:55 AM …
( thru Active .com Shuttles were automatically included)
They will take you 42.195 Km; 21.1 km or even 10 km away; all accordingly!
At 6:30am it’s Chilly out there.
Toilets were at our disposal on Site.
Our belongings; which had been stored inside the Plastic Bag showing your Race number given at Expo, were left in the bus.
We will collect them right after Finishing Line
• Route :
It’s a long straight beautiful course!
Starting inland, passing through some nice Agricultural areas with some challenging hills for your Money …
I could spot some Horses right out of the ranch, some beautiful sandy dunes,
a flock of proud pelicans standing by and
a bunch of relaxed sunbathing seals calling us !
Water and Gatorade Supplies adequately positioned during the run and Gels given near the end.
The last 10 km are by the coast absolutely flat letting you enjoy every single step , breeze and sunshine.
Don’t expect any spectator before you come 2km near Finish Line and those will be runners going back to their Cars.
No Traffic has been allowed, all stopped !
We felt completely safe during the Event !
• Finish line :
Blue sky, White Sandy beach, Cold ocean
Right in Renaca … Awesome !
Medals are hanged around your neck by pretty young ladies.
Plenty of Water , Gatorade , Bananas and Apples there for you as well as free Massages .
Our Bags were secured under a tent and handed to us upon showing Bib Number!
• Bottom Line
This running event is great and well organized
if it was not for the Cold reception and Sad Experience we had on Saturday at the Expo …
Note : 3 out of 5 toes