Don’t have Pets ? … 5 other reasons to use a House Sitter.

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Even when there is not a pet to be loved,
there are still good reasons to enlist the services of a house sitter while you are away…

House sitters keep a home looking occupied.

1. Security –
Unoccupied homes are more vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism.
A property occupied by a house sitter appears inhabited and less attractive to criminals.
In some cases homeowner’s insurance may be invalid if a property is left vacant over a specific number of days.
House sitters can maintain plants.

2. Upkeep –
a house sitter can care for indoor and outdoor plants and keep a property clean, maintained and aired out.
House sitters can respond immediately to storm damage.

3. Monitoring –
House sitters provide an immediate response to emergencies such as storm damage, broken pipes, and downed trees. By residing in the home they are also able to observe less obvious issues like electrical problems and clogged drains.
House sitters can give homeowners peace of mind through regular status updates.

4. Communication –
A house sitter can provide peace of mind to the homeowner through regular communication that the property is ok.

5. Other duties as assigned –
Picking up mail and packages, paying bills or workmen, stocking the house prior to homeowner return. These are just a few examples of additional tasks that can be negotiated between the house sitter and homeowner.