Eastside Lunar New Year ’11

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Run Friendly Run
Name Eastside Lunar New Year
City @ Changi Beach Park
Country Singapore
Registration Contact FatBird Team

When running Friday and Saturday with Mohan and Hazel, they introduced me to David, Fatbird Team founder .

Sunday 6 :00 I was waiting for Mohan and Hazel to pick me up..

I was tired, couldn’t sleep at all all night …

7 am we meet with Fatbird team and others, most of us dressed in Red …

we had a briefing , and took off at 7:30

at the end of board walk …we took Pictures

at Temple … we took more Pictures

at Museum and Chapel, we had some more Pictures

at airport Runway ..we took few more Pictures..

and at Big Gun we took same same Pictures..   but different …laaaa

13 km -> 3 h ….

Don’t get me wrong , I have really enjoyed the run … going to places where I could not have gone without them…

Just the lack of sleep was taking me down …

I had during that 3 days opportunity to meet and talk with lot of runners some having accomplished amazing things

advising me on Asics Shoes , and some being now my Facebook friends.

will miss running with them

as for Mohan and Hazel … Tokyo Marathon 2010 is our next get together

Happy running