Eastside Lunar New Year ’11

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Run Friendly Run
Name Eastside Lunar New Year
City @ Changi Beach Park
Country Singapore
Registration Contact FatBird Team

When running Friday and Saturday with Mohan and Hazel, they introduced me to David, Fatbird Team founder .

Sunday 6 :00 I was waiting for Mohan and Hazel to pick me up..

I was tired, couldn’t sleep at all all night …

7 am we meet with Fatbird team and others, most of us dressed in Red …

we had a briefing , and took off at 7:30

at the end of board walk …we took Pictures

at Temple … we took more Pictures

at Museum and Chapel, we had some more Pictures

at airport Runway ..we took few more Pictures..

and at Big Gun we took same same Pictures..¬†¬† but different …laaaa

13 km -> 3 h ….

Don’t get me wrong , I have really enjoyed the run … going to places where I could not have gone without them…

Just the lack of sleep was taking me down …

I had during that 3 days opportunity to meet and talk with lot of runners some having accomplished amazing things

advising me on Asics Shoes , and some being now my Facebook friends.

will miss running with them

as for Mohan and Hazel … Tokyo Marathon 2010 is our next get together

Happy running