Favorite 42.195 and Least Favorite ones

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Had a Chat with a Friend and World’s Runner about BKK Marathon
asking me if i ran it before.

I simply replied: ” Never ran It and Never will”
as it’s clear to me that just like many others
it does not stand up to its Name as I’m not a big fan running on the Highway
and not worth the trip, time spent and money wasted.

However some obviously worth spending the money on.

I have inked below my Favorite 42.195 and least Favorite ones

Note that I Normally never run twice the same event
– except Tokyo 5 times ( and Big Sur* twice even if 2 different courses )

but would loved to run the following again :
1 – Ushuaia – Argentina
2 – Stanley – Falklands Islands
3 – Midnight Sun – Norway
4 – Alice Spring – Australia
5 – Loch Ness – Scotland

List of big disappointments … aka the Tourist’s trap
1 – RIO DE JANEiRO – Bresil aka Biggest Failure ever
2 – Singapore –
3 – Okinawa – Japan
4 – Honolulu – USA
5 – Marseille – France

* Big Sur marathon Edition 2011 was in fact an Out and Back course,
as some major natural disasters affected land and Bridge.