Free Wifi in Tokyo

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With people wanting to immediately upload comments and photos from wherever they are, via Facebook or Twitter.
It has never been easier finding Free Wi-Fi services throughout Tokyo.
Here are how to get totally Free access :


Most major airports have free internet,
Both Narita and Haneda Airports provide free access to Internet at your fingertips
Open your browser at the airport terminal
Provide a name and any email address, then you are set to go


Tourist Information Centers

Tourist Information Centers often have free wifi for tourists only.
There are different systems:

Free Wi-Fi Passport
Two weeks (extendable) free access to Softbank hotspots at restaurants, cafes, train stations, hotels and other locations.

Travel Japan Wi-Fi 

A smartphone app that provides two weeks (extendable) free access Wi2 hotspots.

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi
A smartphone app that unifies the registration process of free tourist hotspots.

NTT East Free Wi-Fi.
Available for tourists only, as you need to pick up a card from one of their distribution points before using it.


Convenience stores

Free wifi access in English  at the main convenience stores : 7-Eleven, Family Mart & Lawson

7 Spot
Free Wi-Fi hotspots at 7 Eleven convenience stores.
but also Ito-Yokado (supermarket) and Denny’s (family restaurant) that Seven & I Holdings run.

Family Mart
Free Wi-Fi hotspots at FAMINI convenience stores.

Lawson Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi hotspots at Lawson convenience stores.


Train stations

Major railway stations provide free wifi (including all Yamanote Line stations and many shinkansen stations)

JR East Free Wi-Fi
English pdf about free wireless hotspots around major stations in Tokyo.

Metro and Toei Free Wi-FI
English information about free wireless hotspots at Tokyo subway stations.


Bus stops

This is a strange place to have a wifi access point, but many bus stops in the big cities have free wifi.

Open up your browser and try it out !


Cafes and restaurants

Many tourists will head to a cafe to try to get free wifi, however not that popular in Japan yet ,
thus try Starbucks by Providing any email address, and a Password , you are set to go.


Shops and Stores

~ Apple Stores : Omotesendo the third Apple Store around Tokyo area after Ginza and Shibuya.
~ ‘BICQLO‘ a collaborative store between Bic Camera & UNIQLO …
~ Tokyo Big Sight Wifi
~ Roppongi Hills
~ Tokyo Midtown
and many more around

Plus of course FON
if You are a FONERO at Home
The Fon WiFi network is free in Japan for its eligible partners