Honolulu Marathon ’07

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Run Marathon
Name Honolulu Marathon
City Waikiki
State Hawaii
Country USA
Registration  Online
Transportation No Need once in town
Comments • Online Registration :
I had registered online at descent price
My wife signed up at the expo
The most expensive registration ever $150
• Lodging :
We booked an apartment for a while to enjoy the island.
• Expo :
The Expo with already some Nike 5toes socks well before Injinji …
• Race day :
A week before my 4th marathon and last one in 07;
My wife’s 1rst. a typhoon invited itself to the party and spoiled the event.
A very early start in order to normally help avoiding humidity and raising temperature,
a bottle neck Diamond head route that slows you down,
a very long part of the Marathon being on the Expressway, more than half race won’t make me come back anytime soon
Sure weather twisted it all and did not help that disappointing event.
But I am pleased, I have decided early enough to never run twice the same race (exception of Tokyo and Marseille Cassis)
• Finish line :
The location for finishing line, usually a great picnic-party place turned into mud.
Sewage smell all over
The new Micro chip failed to work. those looking for qualifying time for Boston blamed the Organization threatened to sue them
Newspapers made their front page out of the story.
What should have been a pleasant run for all those Japanese who flocked into Waikiki couple of days before race days became a nightmare.
Note : 3 out of 5 Toes