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Miyuki and Thierry gave up our lucrative careers and comfortable life style in Tokyo- Japan
to genuinely start Traveling, Pet Sitting & Running Without Borders
In our mid 50s , Happily married, Fully retired and Financially secured,
We are now pursuing a lot better and healthier lifestyle and are 100 % available Worldwide to satisfy your House and Pet needs

As Certified Pet sitters we have acquired a lot of Experiences from all around the World
Their recommendations can be read through trustedhousesitters

on our personal Web site : PetSittingWithoutBorders

Latest Testimonial to date :
Dec 10 – Dec 12, 2015 ~ Tokyo – Japan
Feb 23 – Feb 26, 2016 ~ Tokyo – Japan

Y. Ichinuno “s Testimonial ( – English Version at Bottom )

& お多福(イングリッシュブル8才)
& 日本~ヤマト(スタンプー2才)の 3兄弟。
ペットホテルに預けると 必ずと言っていいほどヤマトが下痢で帰宅。
ストレスを与えないために最善と思い 牛美さんにペットシッターをお願いしました。

大変元気に遊び、食べ、よく寝て とても健康な状態で良い子でいたようで す。
( 留守番中の方が良い子か~?)
気難し屋で、案外デリケートなお多福もご機嫌さんの大イビキで安眠 。



– English Version –
We have a French bulldog “Guts” 10 yrs old,
and a English bulldog “Bubu” 8yrs old,
plus a standard poodle “Yamato” 2yrs old.

When we leave them at a pet hotel, there is no doubt that Yamato comes back with diarrhea so we asked Miyuki to come and sit with them, as we believe our babies won’t have any stress.

They were well taken cared by Miyuki.
They played, fed , napped and enjoyed the comfort at their own home during our absence.
They were healthy and happy.
I would say they were maybe even happier and better behaved dogs.
We received report with pictures of them each day, it made us assure seeing their happy faces and missed them so much but we never worried a bit about them.
“Guts” likes pretty girls and he instantly hooked up with Miyuki.
According to Miyuki’s report, surprisingly “Yamato” the nervous boy, was enjoying the walk
and never afraid or got too excited about being outside.
“Bubu” is temperamental and delicate girl, but she took a nap peacefully with happy snore.
When we come back home, they used to show us kind of moody face when we left them at the pet hotel, but since we ask Miyuki to come and sit with them,
we see our dog’s very happy faces saying ” welcome home! ” .

Thank you very much and we certainly ask Miyuki again to come and sit for our babies