How To Look Like A Trail Runner Without Really Trying !

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How To Look Like A Trail Runner Without Really Trying
Trail-running newbie? No one needs to know. Here are 10 easy ways to up your trail cred

A frozen beard is a great way to show everyone you mean business on the trails. Photo courtesy of Mike Langille.

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New to trail running? Welcome! For many of us, the sport has been nothing short of life-changing.

But, getting started can be tough. Especially when you find yourself at a trailhead with a posse of runners who talk about ultras in the same bored tones the rest of us use to discuss our shopping lists. They’re wearing trucker caps. They’re drinking coffee that could kill a small child. Their VO2 max means that, for much of the day, breathing is entirely optional. It can be pretty intimidating.

And then … you start to run. And you realize you’re in waaay over your head.

Well, good news: help is on the way. Here are 10 tips (and a bonus) that’ll allow you to keep up with those seasoned dirtbag runners, on the trail and off.


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