I Want My Finisher Medal Even If …

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I Want My Finisher Medal Even If I DNF A Race – WHAT?

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The debate is hot ! The logic for :
– I paid for my finisher tee, I paid for my medal – you are ripping me off by not giving me my finisher entitlements!
I am entitled ! It was not that I could not finish the marathon, your checkpoint cutoff times rendered me unable to complete the marathon.
The 7 hour cut off time wasn’t up yet!
You made me DNF! You stopped me from getting my hard-earned medal.
Why are you making a local event one of international standard with these checkpoint cutoff times when …
our runners aren’t even of international standard.
Organisers are demoralising runners with their CP cut-off times!
Other organisers do not apply this cut-off times so strictly!
How can an organiser profit from DNF-ers?

              … So here’s some news for …

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