Italy Sit

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Hi ..

Mid 2019, Owners moved in a different house in a nearby village
Yet here comes a description of the Solo sit ( since Wife was split sitting elsewhere )
I have had the opportunity to do from Nov to early Dec 2018

Location and House :
As French of Italian Descent from Piemonte, I can definitely say that’s you will for sure be sitting in
a very traditional Italian House with Garden in a small Village on top of a Hill in Piemonte – Italy …
… along with a very good Internet Connection.

equipped with all you need including Heaters and Chimney approved by Cats and Dog; George

Cats :
6 Indoors – 3 Outdoors ( Well ..sometimes 4 outdoors..The More The Merrier Right ? )

  • Feeding

Outdoor Cats are not allowed inside except during Meals – They are fed twice a day with Wet and Dry :
I would normally sit on the stairs with a drink in my hand and watch them eat, all process is about 15 ~ 20 mn

– Indoor Cats have 2 bowls of Dry Food which just have to be refilled when needed

All 6 indoor cats are litter trained and all can roam outside … yet they pretty much prefer the comfort of the Sofa

For Cat’s Litter, Just follow Robyn’s Instructions 😉

GEORGE is a very chilled pup and should be the main reason all Pet sitters apply for the sit

He only needs 2 meals and couple of Walks a day

• • • Before I go ahead with further details • • •
All should read this very important review and understand that I have been sitting with George
– 5 times by now – 10 months all together & builded some strong Bonds & a Mutual Trust –

as I’m the very 1st person who introduced him to another dog & 1st who walked him Off-Leash

My add-ons : Yet Best to follow owners’ instructions !

– I; no matter what ALWAYS walked George On-Leash in villages and big busy roads at all time as …
he can still be afraid of flags, motorcycles or odd noises

On Trails or Off Roads during our AM Walks which I personally record on Strava
from 1 hour to most of the times up to 2 h about 10 km
I always walk him Off-Leash
but as per Owner’s wish You should only do so if you are very confident with him –

– Videos that should give you a better understanding –

George does understand simple firm recalls: ” George Come! ”
– Please Be Consistent –

He will follow, walk or trot along, & is OK with any dog who is NOT aggressive

– He is not a “party” dog but he is very tolerant.

Walking; he will normally just mind his own business

While on a trail, if he hears or sees a 4×4 coming he will look at you expecting some cues …
– Ask him to come and sit; Hold him ; wait for the car to pass – That’s it! –

Trucks such as Garbage trucks
it’s FOR YOU to anticipate: ” Ask him to sit, Leash him and Comfort him ”
in that Video, I knew better

Afternoon and Evening Walks :
If our AM walks have been long enough and weather allowing
we would normally hang around the Cemetery walking through the Vineyards
sitting on the grass enjoying the View

A plate of Kibbles with a spoon of wet food –

with Owner’s consent, I have reintroduced Carrots as he used to love Carrots as pup 🙂

George sleeps on his own mat in Master Bedroom next to You
while PJ, one of the 6 indoor cats, will sleep with you on the Bed – Non negotiable – 🙂

To summarize:
Knowing that at the time of my sit all pets were healthy …
– George, however, might sometimes have skin issues; so sitters should be attentive to excessive itching/scratching
& willing to drive him to the vet if necessary.
‘Owners are of the ‘better safe than sorry’ mindset — meaning that if the sitter is in doubt, take the pet to the vet, and don’t worry about the expense.’ –
… all your ” Daily duties ” shouldn’t take more than an Hour and Half …
UNLESS you include cleaning House after yourself, collecting Wood-Logs for Fireplace – OR –
… that walking George twice a day is too much … a Charge* (*Because IT is not for me!)

when Sit’s owners came back I went for an 8 hours / 50 km run
… That said ! …

Feel free to reach me if any questions …

m(_ _)m

there is a Link to what George and Kitties’ owner think about me …

… We’ve been working with pet sitters now for over 5 years.

Thierry is tops by far. ! ”