Kathmandu sponsorship partner

June 17th , 2015

Dear Miyuki,

Thank you for applying for sponsorship for your adventure of ‘Running Without Borders’ for Wide Open Vistas.

Congratulations, your sponsorship application has been successful !

We appreciate you considering Kathmandu as a community and sponsorship partner.
I have attached the Kathmandu sponsorship logo for your use when promoting your trip.
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing photos, videos and stories from your adventure !

Sponsorship via this program means that we will donate outdoor clothing and equipment
that directly assists on your running adventure.
Kathmandu will provide:
· 1 Malazan Women’s Water Resistant Jacket v3 – Lake Blue
· 1 Pagosa Women Cycle Top v2 – Yellow
. 1 Animas 3/4 Legging Women v2 – Black
· 1 Seamless Women’s Performance Singlet – Boysenberry
. 1 Head Torch Raven 35 – Charcoal White
· 1 Mirage 15L Hydration MTB Backpack v2 – Blue Wave

These items will be shipped to your address as supplied on your application form in Japan

Sharing your story :
We are keen to share the story of your adventure with other Summit Club members.
As part of your Adventure Sponsorship, you will be asked to document your adventure with photos,
video and/or journal entries to be shared on our website and social media channels.

We also want to know how our gear performs on your adventure,
please let us know either by e-mail or by completing a Customer Review on our website.

Best wishes for a successful adventure !

Kind regards,
Lindsay Tallott
Community Coordinator


Kathmandu contributes to and sponsors several organizations including Australian and New Zealand Red Cross, Australian Himalayan Foundation, Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Outward Bound New Zealand, Department of Conservation New Zealand, as well as other community groups and individual adventurers across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.