Kyoto Marathon ’14

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Run Marathon
Name Kyoto Marathon
City Kyoto
Country Japan
Registration Online
Transportation Public
Lodging Home
Map Kyoto GPX
Comments • Kyoto 2014 was originally in my cards for end of March , a month after Tokyo Marathon, however organisation decided differently and moved that race just a week before the newly promoted 6th Major Event .
Was easy to spot here the possibility to go after a very particular Challenge I simply called
” KyoTOkyo Challenge “.
2 races in 1 week in the Land of the Rising Sun. Wife was up to it. We registered for both.
Upon confirmations we started planning, setting everything up such hotel reservation 6 month in advance even designed our own even T-shirt. Shinkansen could wait !
No special training for that challenge.
That not my first 2 marathons in one week, having done last year Big Sur followed by AVE.
However I know that it would be close to my
last Crowded Marathon I ever plan months and months in advance.
Lassitude kicking in !
A sort of 9-5 Routine Having to stick to schedule, therefore losing Freedom.
We had friends coming over from France.
Kyoto being a magic place to visit especially under such amazing white snowy blanket. Japan has not seen such snow fall for more than 4 decades.We went out a lot.
Race day was cold but bearable. Race route was cleared of any snow.
I started fast. Stomach pain appeared.
Run out of Mental steam by km 12.
Questions flocked :
~ What am I doing here ?
~ Why do i have to run with so many people around when I can enjoy my own run at any hour of the day, any day of the week ?
~ Spending so much money on official races for Race T.Shirt, Finisher towel, Medal …
… What does that mean after all ?
Km 30, I was apparently doing fine time-wise but I decided to stop at a Convenience Store informing race Marshall I would buy myself some food and drink exactly just like I have done during trail running in Nepal.
Warm Pizzaman helped to calm my mind,
Filled my stomach. Started walking. Stomach pain faded.
After passing the finishing line in 4h 41
I collected my Towel and Medal,
my goodies bags as well …
Then what … Have you fully enjoyed it ?
• Note : 4 out of 5 Toes
I can only recommend it for someone looking for that particular challenge or a first timer in Japan with a 10 days – 2 week holidays