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Came across that amazing running gear :


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Let’s analyze the Pros and Cons :
• Feature : Moisture Wicking
Our proprietary fabric is soft and comfortable, but still breathes and wicks away excess sweat.

~ Personal Comment :
Absolutely very important to let your Ass breathes. I bet , it gonna exhale more than inhale but let it breathes !

Pro to me ! 🙂

• Feature : Anti-Chafe Design
Less fabric means less contact area. Silky smooth seams and edges for incredible comfort and no rashes.
~ Personal Comment :
I like the Silky Smooth Contact over the edges … yet i hate Rashes
What happen on the trail , stays on the trail !

Pro to me ! 🙂

• Feature : Safety Included
Reflective logo and integrated accents mean your safety for all those early morning or late night runs.
(LED kit coming soon)

~ Personal Comment :
Led kit coming soon, for your early Morning or late Night work out.
Just in case your partner can’t find your ASS in the dark !

So Pro to me ! 🙂
but again always carry some more preventive Safety Gears
So What happen out there , doesn’t stay in there !

• Feature :: Key Pocket, Bib Fasteners, And Gel Holder
Attach your race bib with our simple button system, and tuck away your gels for later on. So easy!
~ Personal Comment :
Well, Sure Go Easy Girls and Boys; Go Easy … but where is my Banana Holder ?
Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.40.49 AM
Obviously that is a big ” Con ” you need to put it inside !
( the Intended Pun can only be understood by French … )