Médoc Marathon ’11

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Run Marathon
Name Medoc Marathon
City Pauillac
Country  France
Registration  Online
Transportation  Mind your own or book shuttle in advance
Lodging  Private B&B
Comments “Médoc the World’s longest Marathon”
as the organization claims.
But every marathon around the world covers the same distance
– 42.195km or 26.2 miles –
How on Earth Medoc could be the longest ?
Are the French bragging about themselves ?
Médoc is internationally the most popular French race and you have to register very early then when you have fulfilled all requirements such as providing a Medical certificate from your own Family doctor, mind booking your accommodation in a timely manner.
Organization is not at all sweet with overseas runners and they will try to sell you packages.
Bib Number, Hotels, transportation at FULL price
But for a fact, you can go around that unfair disadvantage.
I have successfully registered 3 Japanese runners and helped 5 others from Singapore.
But it takes a Long time to organize …
“Medoc the Longest marathon in the World”
To make matter worse, they have only one day expo … !
nobody can withdraw your bib on your behalf
so if you work late, miss your train or bus connection ; HELL !
Friday night Dinner time, it’s Chaos !
8000 runners will flock into a small village with only few restaurants
Some have only one Chef at the Kitchen,
so if you show up around 8 pm expect long waiting hours such as 2 h before having your Pasta. Some restaurants close at 8 pm …
What the Fuck !
Organization, of course, will try to sell you 45€ their Dinner …
It is Overpriced ? Sounds like it is to me
The race :
let’s be honest, at least in 2011 everything was well prepared.
From Free Parking, you can even park in Pauillac streets as well to Men Urinal – to ease the ladies Toilet queues
Ambiance is nice if weather plays its role
The route is scenic through vineyard and Chateaux as promised !
But with some unnoticed rolling humps which if you abuse of flooding Wine can be treacherous
Music, bands spectators at will as well as water-no sports drink- and Lot of Wines
Good Ones, Very Good Ones
From the 2nd half, Food such as pastries, ham, cheese, oysters, meat, ice cream are there for you to enjoy
Stopping at all those stands, at every Chateaux and Gardens, Pictures taking, Dancing, Drinking, Eating make your forget that you still have a long way to go !a very Long way to go
Medoc Marathon is Time wise the Longest Marathon I have ever covered; 6 h 24 mn !
If you happen to believe just like i did that it’s a easy walk in the park …
Well you might want to reconsider …
I have struggled .. And that’s not My first Marathon !
I have done 18 before and Medoc has been my LONGEST Chrono ever !
– With registration fee,
beside all the above You get at expo:Tech Tshirt
– Crossed the Finishing line
a Finisher Bag, a bottle of Wine, a Nice Medal
Free food, Soft drinks , more wine and Cold beers …
Except for the way they deal with Foreigners ..
Medoc a Marathon to Run
4 toes out of 5