New Year 2016 Tokyo – Japan

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The Only Major City In the World who didn’t “Vomit” its 10 seconds
of noisy reveling, fireworks, or countdown parties.

Japanese New Year celebrations are quite different from Western ones.
With celebrations lasting until January 3rd
New Year in Japan is a “quiet” family affair.

Yet Japan has premium grade fireworks called “Hanabi” with a long history.
Hundreds of firework shows are held every year across the country,
mainly during the summer holidays in July and August .

If you are a Firework’s fan then pick the right Season
we have spent few summers since we left in 2007
However our 1st New Year In Japan
New Year 2008 Brisbane – OZ
New Year 2009 Bali – Indonesia
New Year 2010 Chiang Mai – Thailand
New Year 2011 Dunedine – NZ
New Year 2012 Beijing – China
New Year 2013 Valparaiso – Chili
New Year 2014 KTM – Nepal
New Year 2015 KTM – Nepal

Enjoy !