Okinawa Marathon ’15

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Run Marathon
Name Okinawa Marathon
City Okinawa
Country Japan
Registration Online
Transportation Local Bus
Lodging Toyoko Inn
Comments • Okinawa …
Just 1 Year after our last Official Marathon: Tokyo 2014.
It sounded logical to us to come and run next our first 2015 Marathon in Okinawa
the southernmost prefecture of Japan after Arakawa, Hokkaido, Kyoto
and Tokyo Marathons 5 times.
After all it was my first visit here in 25 years but we have been fooled by the name
as Okinawa Marathon fall right into the Bucket of those great places
just like Rio de Janeiro Marathon that deliver very little.
You then understand too late why it doesn’t sold out on the first day.
Organization is normally always as in most Japanese races perfect to the last details
Thus here are couple of drawbacks and of course we can argue that entry fee is
low under Japanese standards
• No shuttle bus from Naha to Starting, but a local Bus at 890 Yen …
not practical if you won’t speak Japanese
• Paid Drop bag : 500 Yen … Cheap, Right?
• Boring Course with no “Okinawaian” views but through US Air-Base!
• Paid shuttle back to Naha ; 1000 Yen
• Tasteless Medal and T-shirt
• No free beer even as Orion the local beer Maker as main sponsorSorry Okinawa Marathon race directors,
Tokashiki Half Marathon has been far better and more enjoyable,
but it wouldn’t be fair if we would not give both Thumbs up to all Okinawa people who were there,
I mean a lot of supporters along with the volunteers giving away food, drinks,
unconditional support and BIG SMILE !
Thanks to them, they save the day