Riding License and Renting a scooter In Bali

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What you have read or been told might be unfounded …

Riding License :

Fact 1 :
If you don’t have a motorcycle license at Home
then you technically have no right to ride in Bali

Fact 2 :
You don’t need an International Riding License to ride in Bali
If :
• You have legally obtained your Riding License in an English Spoken Country and your original Riding document is in English .

• You have an Notarized English translation of your Driving papers French in my case or even better a certified Translation by your own Embassy* …

• You have a Legal Asean driving license (Thailand, Philippines etc)


* A certified document which is my case are French documents
Translated in English and certified by my Consulate in Japan
are legal documents with no expiration dates.
noting that French Driving-Riding Licenses have NO such expiration dates.

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YET … Don’t be naive All of the above won’t stop you
from being pulled over, asked to show your documents
being told that you have broken WHATEVER laws
and have to pay a Bribe … ooops … The Local Fine !

Fact 3 :
How much are the fines ?
Depends how much you have in your Wallet

Renting a Scooter :

Can’t be easier than in S_E_A

1 Walk into the shop

2 Peak a scooter

3 Bargain the price

4 Bargain some more

5 Give a COPY of your passport

6 Never give a Deposit

How much can you expect :

 Per Day :

For 10 days we paid

380 000 IDR ( Bali – April 2015 )