Rio de Janeiro Marathon ’08

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Run Marathon
Name Rio de Janeiro Marathon
City  Rio de Janeiro
Country  Brazil
Registration  Online
Transportation  Shuttle to Starting Line
Lodging  Appart Rented
Comments • Online Registration :
I registered early for that race without a Tour operator
• Lodging :
We rented an flat in middle of Rio
very noisy at night, no music or parties
just speeding cars with loud horns. Morons !
• Expo :
We meet with one of the Hotel Manager working with the marathon.
He took us to the expo , which was very well organized.
We received our Bib numbers with Shirts and Caps.
• Race day :
I was excited but unfortunately could not get along very well with that town
Not because it has the reputation of being dangerous which we didn’t think so!
Day D run …
Early morning I joined the group at the Hotel, had breakfast then we took a minibus to the Shuttle and we took off to Starting line …
The first 10 kms were a nightmare having to run along traffic jam
Angry car drivers who could not car less that a Marathon race was going on
It’s Sunday, and they wanting to go to the beach
Having spent a month in Rio running along Ipanema, Copacabana and Flamengo
Known as the most beautiful beaches in the world for the wrong reason
that course bored me, no Samba, no Music, no Fans, no Cheering !
Nothing along the road to entertain you, Pathetic when you heard that brazil is the Country of Festivities!
Course on road had no traffic stopped just some Red Barriers as dividers
On Beach sidewalk pedestrians will invade with no respect. Skating or cycling kids will make you slow down or Zig zag with no parent’s care nor attention … WTF !
Group of striking persons were in middle of the course trying to stop us ..
No policeman in sight to help …
4h 30 some later passed the finishing line
• Finish line :
Most of the fast runner groups had already folded their tents and left when i arrived
Bag Drop Bus had gone with runner’s bags without waiting until Cut Off time !?
•Note : Rio. the Dream race that turned sour !
2 out of 5 toes