San Francisco Marathon ’07

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Run Marathon
Name San Francisco Marathon
City San Francisco
State CA
Country USA
Transportation  no need once in town
Comments • Online Registration :
The online registration went through smoothly.
• Lodging :
Booked a cheap motel through ChoicePrivileges
• Expo :
The Expo … a Perfect American Style …
• Race day :
The race starting at the pier leading you to Golden Gate the main reason why so many runners come to San Francisco but as you should know SF is famous for its early morning fog. So don’t be disappointed if can’t see the top of it or if your pic shows a freezing cold runner posing for a second on the misty bridge .
The course is challenging, rolling but I won’t call it Uphill.
The last few miles go through industrial area not the best place but most of marathons have their shares of grey concrete
• Finish line :
Great Medal, Freaking Memories …
Note : 5 out of 5 Toes
One of my dreams
Having my best friend living in San Jose next door
just an other reason to register for it.