SCKL changing Marathon date …again !

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Here The Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon organizers do it again …

A couple of years back in 2013 to be precised SCKL Marathon organizers took the very wise decision in the interest of public health of changing the day and even the month of the race that was initially scheduled for 30 June 2013 to 29 September 2013. If the reason given in 2013 was obvious to all that due to the then haze situation and potential detrimental health hazards …
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However, today the reason outrages many runners in Malaysia and around the World as it goes without saying that many have already asked and planned for their Annual working to coincide with the race. They have booked their Flights tickets, reserved their Hotels.
And out of the blue, The Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon organizers decide to change it from October 4 to October 10 in order for it to concurrently run with the inaugural National Sports Day.

Can’t they think about it before making an official announcement ?

I was told that in Malaysia, runners are not encouraged to run under others runner’s names …
but by perpetually doing such Marathon’s day or month change, runners will have no choices than selling their entries to recoup some money lost due to the “I could not care less” race’s director attitude