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Run Marathon
Name SCKL Marathon
City Kuala Lumpur
Country Malaysia
Transportation No Need once in town
Lodging Seri Bukit Ceylon
Comments • Online Registration :
Made it through registration via online .
June Marathon being postponed, Organization set up a special page for bib transfer.
• Lodging :
Flat rented right in center of Bukit Bintang but in the quiet area
Through Ng Sin Leong :
which has proved himself to be very easy going ; trustful and reliable when a month before arrival
Airbnb again canceled all transactions due to money disputes !
• Expo :
Could not make it to expo whihc was held in June
KL Friends, Tey, Allan and Cally made everything possible to make it happen.
Noel and SP acting as a very supportive Plan B !
• Race day :
Not a big fan of those S.E.A marathons who normally have the reputation of being too crowded, not well organized, lacking water aid or food supports with a lousy scenic route if scenic at all running on Highway or Construction roads Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon being the perfect example of the above description dubbed by myself as :
.. Standard Chartered Shitty Marathon ..
Nonetheless I signed up for SCKLM race for a couple of reasons :
– Local Malaysian Running Friend which leaves in HK was coming all the way and asked why not running since I was in town .
– Standard Chartered KL Marathon had been postponed due to Haze Hazard in June and Race directors put in place an Official page letting Runners transfer Bibs among themselves and the process was astonishingly easy !
Wife decided to join the party using the same channel and logic, we all got together with more Local runners joined by some from HK and Singapore .
– Sept 29 2013. 4:00 am –
It’s dark as dark can be
Already hot but not too humid
Runners show up around the starting line where surprisingly lot of Tents have been settled up
Old friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time great each others
Couple of pictures are taken
and at 4:30 am sharp on time Off; we go !
Every 2 km or so stand water-100Plus stations with volunteers passing cup of cold drinks
and later on food such as Gels & Bananas
Local police and race marshals doing an excellent job containing traffic at 99%
of course as any part of the world there is always the Idiot in his car who can’t stand 5 mn and has to force his way through …
Can’ t be helped !
Overall pleased all along on the route which is , must be said , not one of the most beautiful but OK to run if in town as we were !
Last 10 Kms are lot more pleasant even if Tº rises. Runners leave the Highway for more green and shades on smaller residential areas where we all meet our only 2 up slopes … sadly and as too often walked by most !
2km before Finishing arch we are joined by the 10km and Half Marathon participants …
most are slow and can be a bother for some … but I found it nice being surrounded by that Human wave instead of finishing sadly alone !
• Finish line :
Runners are welcomed by huge crowd awaiting in open air park
Volunteers handling goodies bag including food, drinks, Tshirt, towel and Solid Medal.
Tents are erected all around the park …
Massages are provided, more foods and drinks in some parts in you don’t mind queuing.
Beautiful and cheerful event if weather is on your side as it was for that 2013 edition .
Very Happy I ran it !
Note :
Lot better than expected,
SCKLM has improved over the years
Pleased with the Official Bib transfer page.
Lot of Race directors should learn from that.
Bloody well right marathon: 5 out of 5