Singapore Marathon

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Run : Marathon
Name : Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore
City : Singapore
State :
Country : Singapore
Registration : Online
Transportation Self or MRT
Lodging : Friend’s place
Comments : • Online Registration :
Some issues during registration but I had a timely assistance support by email who solved it quickly
• Lodging :
I was hosted by friends
• Expo :
Located at the Casino, it’s a bit far and by the time of writing not convenient. MRT line still underconstruction .
Singapore organisation wanted to be recognized by AIMS as a Gold Marathon, so they have done as for the expo everything right as long as you go there on the first day cause there are 70 000 people registered all races included
Distinct lines separated by barriers take you to your race, ID and Print checked but nothing strick
Expo is well done, lot of booths  where you can spend half day
other half enjoying shops and .. Casino but don’t forget your passport !
• Race day :
Early morning due to hot humid days in Sing
there is no shuttle provided for runners to reach starting point only MRT which started earlier at Course director request
It’s still dark not even dawn , runners will flock from allover mixing with Drunk nightclubgoers at Mc Donalds
Seen lot of marathon participants enjoying their Hamburger before event ;-(
for a simple sad reason that 70 or 80 % of entrants will not run but finish walking in 7 h and more.
• Route :
Absolutely flat and boring
thousand of persons on one single line
causing congestion and bottleneck early on
lot of constructions along the way ,
Running on side walk or cycling concrete lane
at least Aid stations are suffice and provide plenty of refreshment !
• Finish line :
Nice open sky park but muddy due to heavy shower previous night
You will get a Medal ( apparently same as every year ) and … THE finisher Tshirt
the only reason every body participate bragging about finishing wearing Tshirt at work on Monday• Bottom Line : a Pathetic event !
If you never been to Singapore or happen to be there ONLY
Honestly as for year 2011 it needs a lot of improvements and is definitely NOT a Gold
Note: Never ever again; 2 toes out of 5.

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