Special Thanks To …

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A special THANKS to “OMI”

my wife’s good friend
who works as flight attendant for an US carrier
who allowed my wife Miyuki to be her “Companion”
which by the same token allowed me to be my Wife’s “Buddy”
and travel around the globe for almost nothing ….
… for 18 months …


~ o ~

in San Jose ; USA. ~ 2007 and 2008
Getting ready for San Francisco Marathon

THANKS to Rogers, Meg, Dylan for Everything ….and Lucas for “Nothing”
We appreciated staying with you
Thanks to Rogers for Running with us.

~ o ~

in BA, Argentina~ 2008
In our Way to Ushuaia Marathon

Nap, We liked spending a week with you at your place …
You have been a very entertaining Host …. lol !
Take care and Many Thanks

~ o ~

In Québec, Canada ~ 2008
running SSQ 1/2 Marathon

“Tux” has been extremely kind to borrow his father’s car to drive us around during our Stay…
Pure Quebecois Hospitality!

We are very grateful !

~ o ~

Rio, Brazil 2008
running TAM-Marathon

Raphael has; with the Acoruja Team; open their arms to me

Allowing me to become a Full time Member …
Running Worlwide with their Colours
– Love to them –

~ o ~

in Lévis, Canada ~ 2008
running SSQ 1/2 Marathon
Thankful respect to Paul …

And to Huguette ..

For giving us a Roof, Food and Care …
Thanks to Caro for being very kind ..

and to Hugues for showing Me… his Bleeding Nipples

We had an Excellent Time and Unforgettable Memories !

~ o ~

Athens -Greece ~2008

With Spyros

he helped us to go through the application and showed us Around

Spyros is a very kind guy

~ o ~

in Phnom Penh . Cambodia ~ 2008
my First Hash
Quinn … the greatest host you can dream of ….

Thanks: To her for giving us her incomparable Love ….
To Liam and Suzi for their kindness

To David for allowing me to win some pool game
During our week stay at their place.
Amazing Time ….Thanks to you , Guys !

+ We did enjoy the 50 % discount at Marriot, That was Awesome!

~ o ~

in KL . Malaysia ~ 2008

Special thoughtful Thanks for having us over the Week End … during that unfortunate difficult time

Our best Love to You and all Family ….
See you very soon .

~ o ~

in Bali . Indonesia ~ 2008
training for Khon Kaen…

After all those years, sharing again 1 week with Sean ; meeting Athina his pretty Wife,

Celebrating with them
my 45 th birthday has been delightful.
with Jolie ( Golden), Mojo ( Black) it was even greater …

But Nothing better than holding that Gorgeous Smiling Girl …

Thanks ZAUB…!!!!!

~ o ~

in Singapore ~ 2009
Getting fit for Tokyo Marathon 2009
Steph … For your friendship & for keeping your door always open to us during all those Years

– ¥€$; I know … Steph !
I have the Key ..
But ..Hey … You deserve a Big Thank from Papy !
Let me … Say “It Again ” ! Merci.

~ o ~

In Tokyo . Japan ~ 2009
“FH1″; I Really appreciate that you always let me use your ” Place “.

~ o ~

In Cannes . France ~ 2009
running Nice 10 Km with Yann

Thanks to the 4 of you
for offering us a warm place to stay over the Week -End

~ o ~

In Shanghai. China ~ 2009
I was Injured , Miyuki enjoyed her 1/2 Marathon

We met Wendy in Antarctica Feb 2008.
we stayed in touch and she had been very nice to let us share her place during our 2 week stay in Shanghai
She introduced us to her Friends … and took us out just with a ” Small Group ” out of few billions

Wendy … Thanks so Much !!

~ o ~

In Morocco. Marrakech ~ 2010
For my 1rst Marathon on the African Continent ,
Mounir treated me better than a brother

I had the privilege to be his Cousin ..TARIK
THANKS and Take care Cousin

~ o ~

In France. Mougins ~ 2010
Yann took care of us again On and Off
… Les Sentiers de Mougins …

Merci and Keep Miyuki’s CUP … Safe !

~ o ~

In USA . Boston ~ 2010
For what you Did Francisco . How can I thank You

I owe you a LOT….

Love to the Babies …

~ o ~

In Australia . Terrigal, (North Sydney) ~ 2010

Jesse that Lovely Dog

Their owner Kathy ( Pink Shirt ) and Vic ( Yellow Shirt )

have been amazing hosts..
Runners themself , they had us stayed for a week during our Australian Tour
Miyuki and I had Quality Time with them
Runs , Beers and …. Pokies !!!

– Thanks to the 3 of YOU –

~ o ~

In Tokyo  ~  Japan  2011

Kaoru very supportive and helpful came all the way to Big Sight

to enjoy Tokyo Marathon Expo

~ Thank you so much ~

~ o ~

In Canggu ~ Indonesia 2012

Thanks to Sophie and Parents

They offered me a relaxing place to prepare

for Hot and Beautiful Bali Marathon

~ Thank you so much but … beer was delivered a bit late ~

~ o ~

In Buenos Aires ~ Argentina 2012

Thanks to Flavio for being my running buddy

But a Special Thank You “Doc” for being supportive

~ when Things went Itchy and Dry ~

~ o ~

LaPaz ~ Bolivia 2012

Had a Great Death Road Run

and it couldn’t having been done without help of Kevin, Cristian

Death road

and Kevin’s dad who kindly picked us up

kevin dad

 ~ Muchas Gracias a Todos ~

~ o ~

In Portland ~ USA 2013

a Million Thanks to Christy my Santa Girl


to Husband Robert, Henry and Zoe

for having us during Portland R&R Half Marathon 2013

as well all our love to lovely Dogs

~ o ~

Kuala Lumpur ~ Malaysia 2013

Can’t thank enough Cally ( center )

for helping me with my Bib even she was mega busy organizing an upcoming 100 km race

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 10.09.00 AM.png

Big thanks as well to SP (left)

for having me signed up and acting as Bib – plan B

~ o ~

Kathmandu ~ Nepal 2014

How to show my appreciation to Seth

which despite his achievements and duties as race assistant,
simply invited me to be part of the 1st edition 50 km trail run scouting
allowing me to achieve my first ever Ultra therefore self contained


Big thanks as well to Glyn (left ) for running along with me
and for his patience during that 50 km

glyn me-001