Stupa to Stupa Off

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Feb 15 , 2019

While in KTMĀ  – Nepal pet sitting Friend i had a couple of runs in Mind
few official ones as the KTM series
and this Stupa to Stupa … which I knew will occur in March

Credit :

but me leaving end of Feb I had to plan better

Talking and Convincing some Hashers / Runners Friends was pretty easy
as long as the weather will cooperate …
We , 4 of us , 2 ladies – 2 guys agreed on a given day to go for it and there we went

Raj bought Park Entrance tickets in advance …
We all met at his place, his driver took us at Starting point : Swayambhu Stupa

We had all of us a big stop for Food and Liquid refill
and then split in 2 groups …

Along the way, one place or 2 can be found for some Snacks and Fluids
but can be closed depending on so many things
so better not to rely on and be self-sufficient

10 h later, Raj and I made it to Boudhanath Stupa …
Have to confess that Raj could have easily made it in less time than that
but kindly keep me company

Ladies joined later
All had some spicy Thai foods and Chilled Beers at

Rest is History and on Strava

Highly recommended –

NB : Big Thank to Raj, Sacha and Gogi for making this happens