The North Face 50 – Australia

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The North Face 50 Australia 2015

From Awesome to Gruesome

Never really thought I would be taking part to that race for a couple of reasons

• The entry Fee : AU$ 280,
needless to make further comment here , all should know now where I stand.

• They were sold out

• The logistic needed such as Transportation to the race plus Accommodation .

Knowing that TNF offered opportunity to whoever who wanted to transfer* their entry to a third party could do it officially … I was just looking at supplies and demands ….
* A very smart move that every single race organisation around the World should adopt .
New participants having to pay a transfer fee (- AU$ 50 -) making more money along the way !

As we came closer to Race day, offers from pulling out runners started to fly around
Asking prices became more reasonable , more tempting and …
all the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place.
– I suddenly received an email from Anne, an amazing Lady with a Heart of Gold
who offered me a warm and cozy bed and full access to her car … for free ..
she later came to pick me up at Katoomba , 15 mn away from her place ,
and even drove me to starting line at 6 am … I Love her !
She had heard about my needs from a Terrigal Trotters runner’s Friend –

– Found a ride to Katoomba through Terrigal Trotters as well

– 100 AU$ entries were flocking by , I grabbed one !

I was then fully set ;
yet had not really trained but amazingly relaxed with no tension – no stress.

– Race Day – 1

. Once in Katoomba , had a late lunch with Steven, Detta and 2 other runners

. Done some shopping for Dinner and B-fast

. Met with Anne who came to pick me up – we immediately clicked into a nice lengthy conversation about Traveling and House sitting around the World

. Drop by at the Expo at 6 PM ,
Met with the Bib Entry’s Seller ,
Walked to transfer’s desk, submitted my Transfer form .
Paid the AU$ 50 .
Confirm my Corral based previous races times .
DONE in 5 mn !

– Race day : Saturday 16 May

. Weather was supposed to be cold and rainy .
we had a sweet warm sunny day .

. The 50 km Trail was supposed to be beautiful …
It’s Awesome

. Rolling all the way to km 41 with some nice and decent Grades

. The last 900 m, i was told , would kill .
They are Gruesome stairs and ladders.

Would I run it Again if I have a chance ?
Hell … Yes !