The North Face ® Kathmandu Ultra 50 Km

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Run Ultra 50 km
Name The North Face ® Kathmandu Ultra
City Kathmandu
Country Nepal
Registration Online and payment at North Face store
Transportation Provided
Lodging House sitting
Map The North Face ® Kathmandu Ultra GPX •••• Map distance is odd yet route accurate
Comments • One day of rain during the Winter and it had to be that day
Thus nobody stepped back. Organization did not failed us , the runners !
Race director Richard Ball offered slow participants the possibility to have an early Start at 6:30 am as Shirapuvi gate Keepers ( Army soldiers ) agreed to let us go through instead of 7:30 am, Hat off to them and Richard for persuading them.
the 2015 Route is a complete new version, absolutely different from 2014 !
A Flatter start before heading toward some killer stairs taking the 50 km runners to Heaven above 2500 m high.
Amazing scenery – Great trail.
The race gives 1 ITRA point which means It can apply for a UTMB point.
An other reason to come to Nepal , enjoy Kathmandu and run it
• Note : 5 out of 5 Toes