Southern Muster Frontrunner Sky Run

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Run 26 km trail
Name The Southern Muster Frontrunner Sky Run
City Wanaka
State Otago
Country New Zealand
Registration Can be done Online
Transportation We drove to starting line
Lodging Stayed at Lake view Holiday park – Wanaka
Comments • Registration :
We found out about this race on our way down to Invercargill passing through Wanaka, enchanted by the beauty of the surrounding. Knowing that on the day registration was not an Issue, we decided to take part; a nice way to start 2011
• Lodging :
Stayed at Wanaka camp site sleeping in our van
• Expo :
No expo …
• Race day :
Rain was pouring down hard just like the day before when we woke up at 6:30, we were puzzled about the event:
Still On or Off ?
I waited a bit then rang Adrian, got his answering Machine. He called me back :
” So far we ‘re On ! ”
as we arrived the summit was wet, foggy and pretty chilly;
Adrian and his Team had an emergency meeting
“For safety reasons, things can’t go as planned. We will reshape it, I hate canceling; I never did ” he announced to all during a briefing .
Safety First !
• Route :
1 loop = 10 km ! Runners can go 1, 2 or 3 Loops
Bikes = 3 loops
Cause of the rain, bad visibility and cold Tº,
I asked if I could start with 1 loop and accordingly do a 2nd one,
Adrian had no problem with that …!
I started running wearing my Salomon trail Shoes which were too heavy !
1h20 later back to resort and with Adrian green light, I did a Pit Stop.
I changed for my KSO… and Off I went
2h50 later when I passed the finishing line …
I was too tired and too slow for a 20 km even for a Trail!
They found out that 1 loop was actually between 13 ~ 13.5 km.
Things had been amazingly well organized,
even with Mother Nature forcing Adrian and his team to come up with a great Plan B
We had 2 Aid Stations with water, Sport drinks and Energy Fluid provided
Trail was clearly marked. During 2nd loop, the sky cleared up opening up to a beautiful scenery
• Finish line :
The closing ceremony had plenty of rewards and surprise gifts for almost all of us thanks to all the sponsors
• Note : 5 out of 5 toes