Timberline Trail 14.1 miles ’11

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Run 14.1 miles.
Name Timberline Marathon
City Timothy Lake
State Oregon
Country USA
Registration Rogue Multi-Sport
Transportation Mind your Own
Lodging Best Western Sandy Inn
Comments Right at the foot of World Famous Timberline lodge near Mount Hood is Timothy lake where is being held in the spring what is described by race organizers as one of the Pacific Northwest’s most stunningly beautiful and picturesque races.
The Timberline Marathon & Half Marathons
This challenging tour around the lake is actually longer than the usual 13.1-mile distance for a half — it has a 14.1-mile ,
that take runners on an high-elevation single-track trail run at 3,000 feet above sea level.
It can be run on Saturday or Sunday … with the exception that Sunday is only open to H-Marathoners
We chose Saturday just to get a better atmosphere , a mixture of Full and Half reaching their goal at about the same time since the Full starts earlier
Timberline Half Marathon runners begin and end their journey just south of the lake, on Oregon Skyline Road. a journey filled with slight changes in elevation as well as many twists and turns and bridges across creeks and tributaries.
Ending up with 2 Bloody blisters for the 1rst time in 4 years that slowed me down my Treksport VFF won by TKO ,
I definitely have to find a way for a better protection since both feet had bandages … or just wearing my 5toes socks …
Perfectly organized with 3 Water/Gatorade pits along the course
Micro chip, , a Tech T-shirt and a Great Medal
This Timberline event deserves 5 ” toes ” out of 5