Tokyo Ladies H3 ’11

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Run Hash
Name Tokyo ladies Hash3
City Tokyo
Country Japan
Registration 100 ¥en
Transportation Subway
Comments That is my second Hash in Japan , and with the  same chapter .
The evening is chilly and this Sento Hash will turn out to be a Benediction
I arrived about 30 mn before and changed inside the train station toilet , I was not completely aware that we could changed inside Sento .
I recognize a Hasher and yell ” On On “, he turns around … Good he is a regular member and will lead me to the group
Guest Fee is 1000 ¥en , and Sento fee 500 ¥en .
The run is a classic city run , my new camera does not give me its best …and I’m not happy about it …
We hit “Home” 50 mn later, I introduce myself, have beer. head to Sento
it has been a long time since i enjoyed japanese bath last …
I will be one the of last getting out since i will not join the On On