Tokyo Marathon ’14

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Run Marathon
Name Tokyo Marathon
City Tokyo
Country Japan
Registration Online
Transportation Subway or Train
Lodging Home
Map Tokyo GPX
Comments • T O K Y O •
Tokyo ’07 has been my first Marathon ever
Tokyo ’14 will be the perfect race to close
my list of Official Overcrowded Overpriced Marathon Races that needed to be planned Months & Months in advance to… What ?
Travel, visit some places, spend a romantic Week-End in a foreign land with my Wife ?
I’m no 9-5 !
Having just completed on Feb 23rd 2014
• 7 Marathons +
• 7 Continents
• 7 Years
5 Tokyo Marathons out of 7
some would look at it as a Mission Impossible !
Can I find any better moment for freeing myself of that New Fashion that has hit Worldwide:
~ Completing a Marathon at any cost ~
I have no sympathy for that devil,
it’s absolutely not the nature of my game !
Time has come to hit my very own reset button.
m (_ _) m