Tokyo Marathon Feb’11

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Run Marathon
Name Tokyo Marathon
City Tokyo
Country Japan
Registration Online
Transportation Subway or Train
Lodging Home
Comments • Tokyo Marathon 2011 is my 3rd edition.
Classic ! it’s my Second Home town.
Miyuki has been able to get a Bib through a Friend of mine and we; the 3 of us; wnet to the Expo where I will meet Mohan, Hazel his wife and few marathon Runners coming from Singapore & China.
• The organisation is perfect as usual ,
thus 35 000 people is not a easy task to get them to the starting line .
I decided to run along Miyuki and matched Tshirt
Blue Boston long sleeves-Yellow Auckland on top.
It’s a hot day for the season. We decided to start slow and ran slow, we had a technical stop around Km 13
Miyuki struggled, I took it as a L.S.D; buzzing around taking pictures, tasting food and drinks provided by spectators.
I tried to pull some of the runners who at km 40 couldn’t find the energy to move forward
We passed the finishing line under sub 5
Later in the afternoon we all decided to have a dinner together and planned our next run : Médoc
• Note : As always 5 out of 5 Toes