Wide Open Vistas

FundRaising For Nepal

As you are all aware Nepal has been the epicenter of a Major Earthquake
Special International Aids and Campaigns have been created all around the World

One of them : Wide Open Vistas
a verified 501(c)(3) charity , co-founded in 2011 by Seth Wolpin and Dorjee Sherpa .

Why do i recommend Wide Open Vistas … ?

While trekking – running in Nepal
I have had the pleasure to personally meet and befriend with Co – Founder and runner, Seth Wolpin
– and one of the representatives of WOV in Kathmandu : Sudeep Kandel
a college student in Kathmandu with a big heart who last year ran across Nepal to raise money for schools in Nepal
Please help us reach out goal.

Today more than even every bit helps and you can make a difference
by clicking on my Direct Donation Page to Wide Open Vistas
– $10 for Wide Open Vistas will help a child in Nepal go to school for a month –

A dollar goes a long way!
Your tax deductible donations will be sent directly to Nepal to benefit:

50% for Education:
Half of all donations help pay for school costs for children whose families are going through a financial crisis. This arrives as a $10 supplement per month to their tuition bill. The parents have a responsibility to pay a matching amount to help cover books, clothes, and meals. We pay the school directly and share the receipts with the parents and you. We ask for regular reports and make it clear the subsidy is only meant for short term financial help.

50% for Research: Half of all donations will be distributed as micro research grants to  students in Nepal who are in an allied health field (nursing, medicine, public health) and submit proposals that are focused on health promotion and injury prevention for kids in Nepal. Proposals will be awarded based on significance, impact, design, and evaluation.