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Pet Sitting Without Borders being indissociable from Running Without Borders

We aim to provide Dogs we sit with the Best daily Walks and Running Exercises

thought that dog’s owners would be interested in reading about our activities
and decide to list below all News-Letters, Newspapers or Online Sites mentioning us in their articles
as well as the one we wrote

Pet Sitting Without Borders
•; an US Online Magazine wrote about us in September 2018 :
TThe Best Work Perk : Jobs That Pay All (or Most) of Your Rent.

• Beacon; a NZ Paper wrote in 2016  a Full page about our Pet Sitting & Running Activities :
Pet sitters on the road

Running Without Borders
• The Terrigal Trotters Running Club Newsletters featured us many times
I have as well written about our Running Life Style and Experience in Nepal
Terrigal Trotters # 22. June ’15
Terrigal Trotters # 21. May ’15
– Terrigal Trotters # 17 Dec ’14 – Jan ’15
– Terrigal Trotters # 13 . August ’14

• Marie Anne and Martin mentioned our Running Life style in Moimessouliers;
a Online Site for Globe Trotters in February 2014
Course et visite, combinaison parfaite

• I wrote in 2013 an article for a French Running Magazine
– Tokyo Marathon Best of –

• Inspired by our Running life Style Alexandre mentioned us in OGlobo,
a Brazilian Online Newspaper in November 2012
– Corredor quer ser o 1° do país na prova mais ao sul do Mundo