St George Melbourne

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Run 1/2 Marathon
Name St George Melbourne Marathon
City Melbourne
State Victoria
Country Australia
Registration Online
Transportation We were driven to the starting Line by Miyuki’s friend Daughter
Lodging Stayed at Miyuki’s friend house
Comments We applied online for a 6 month Australian tourist Visa to run Melbourne Half Marathon.
The Australian Immigration granted us our visa in less than 48 h
Online registration went smoothly
then started to search for a holiday park near by until Miyuki’s friend offered us a tatami room for a couple days
We accepted the invitation
Melbourne expo is easily accessible
We found parking place nearby
Booths are plenty, ambiance enjoyable
Melbourne stadium is the best place to organize such event
Covered in case of rain, lot of toilets. Ideal !
The course could have been better but I could not care less
I was in recovery mode and I wanted to let myself go with the flow
Since Sydney I had made the decision not to run with my drinking bottle
but stop at water station at will…
Couple of Km after the start, I sensed a tail
I noticed Lisa who had noticed me
We were going at same speed
and I started a chat.
She told me that she had a 10 km goal time in mind then wanted to slow down accordingly.
I was somehow moving easily
I told her to stick with me
I would lead her between 1h 45 / 1 h50.
I paced her all the way asking her to stop looking at her watch, told her to relax, to talk to me and smile
We passed the finishing line together ..
We hugged, took a pict and went our way… my watch flashing 1h 47 ++
I discovered when online back home that she broke the 1h 45 mark …
she had ran somehow faster than me and expressed her overwhelmed feeling later on via message …
That is for me a far nicer recompense than the Medal…
Melbourne is a better race than Sydney

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2 Responses

  1. Lisa V ...

    A huge thank you to you for all the encouragement throughout the race.
    I am over the moon with the result !

  2. Lisa V...

    Hello, wow! Can’t believe you took so many photos, this really was just a recovery run for you!
    No problems with the photos..
    impressed that they weren’t blurry and I looked better than I felt. 🙂
    Your list of runs are very impressive and encouraging!